March 14, 2019, 9:33 a.m.

Zaisan is turning into the most popular neighborhood of the city, where many wish to live and work, as it becomes one of the high ranking areas that defines modern Ulaanbaatar. What makes Zaisan special is that the office buildings and apartment complexes covering Zaisan are not only close to the center of town, but also have less air pollution. Only 3 kms south of Mongol Post, this neighborhood is now known for its luxury buildings built by Mongolian construction companies.

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In this introduction, Zaisan area includes some parts of 11, 15 khoroos of Khan-Uul district which locates on the south side of Tuul river as the map shows.


The emerging number of high-rises are proof that this area, 3 kms away from the center of the city, is becoming busier and centralized. There are statistics that shows the increased enterprises and populations. For instance, according to the National statistics office, the population of 11th khoroo of Khan-Uul district increased by 69% while the population of 15th khoroo increased by 98% in the last 5 years.

Despite the fact that traffic congestion increases as an area get more centralized, people who live in this have advantages such as commuting to work by walking thanks to the short distance to the center of the city. In addition to this, Zaisan area is the most appropriate place to go hiking and go on a picnic because the air pollution level is much lower than the other areas of UB.

The other factor that is making this area more valuable is friendly neighbors. Because many leaders who already have stable status living in this area, this are is a very safe and peaceful neighborhood, therefore Zaisan is considered as one of the most favorable places to grow children in. In addition, unlike from old apartments, modern apartment complexes allow you to reconstruct and redesign the apartments as you wish. This makes Zaisan much more appealing.

Types of buildings

Most people assume that Zaisan area has only luxury apartment complexes. However, there are many average-level apartments. If you can so the research well, you would definitely find an average priced and comfortable apartment. 

High-level projects

The majority of luxury construction projects in Ulaanbaatar are located around Zaisan area. Visit HERE to read more about the projects. 


Source: Tenkhleg Zuuch

 Average-level apartments

You can find average-level apartments in Zaisan area. Apart from the luxury and business class apartments, almost all the other apartments can be considered as average-level apartments. According to “Tenkhleg Zuuch” company, the average rate of apartments of this level was 2.2 million MNT per square meters in 2018.

There are many chain supermarkets including Minii Delguur, Good Price and Circle K. Also many good restaurants and other services are located in Zaisan Hill complex. There, you can find a movie theatre, indoor playground for children as well as shopping centers. You even can organize big events like wedding ceremony there. As it gets warmer outside, people can have khuushuur and shashliks from the Food street by the Zaisan Hill while hanging around the fountain. Night life around Zaisan is definitely fun. There is a nightclub called EON at Zaisan Hill complex.

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Moreover, there are numerous restaurants including traditional cuisines of Europe, China and Korea, pubs and lounges around Zaisan. Fast food chains of KFC and Pizza Hut are also in that area.

To note, Grand Med hospital locates in Zaisan. Another big hospital, Intermed is not far away from Zaisan area. Other medical services are handy. For instance, pharmacies such as Khurmen and Monos are there to help you.

School and kindergarten 

Public school number of 32 and 115 are in Zaisan area. In addition to this, the American school of Ulaanbaatar, a privately owned school, locates in this area as well. While there are many private kindergartens, public kindergartens including 35th kindergarten in 11kh khoroo of Khan-Uul district. Please visit HERE for the information on the kindergarten catchment area that was approved by the Education department of Ulaanbaatar, and HERE for school catchment area.

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