April 8, 2019, 11:51 a.m.

Some people may know the region from the intersection of the traffic police building to Dunjingarav mall as Bayanmongol. Though for some people, this area is known for the national garden park. The official name of the area is 26th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district.

As the khoroo gets attention of many, a number of new apartment construction projects have been starting as day goes by. That is why this area is now becoming the face of modern Ulaanbaatar and a unique part of town where local construction companies are shaping the planning and surroundings by their own.

What makes this part of UB valuable is that the short distance from the center of town and less air pollution, in addition to these, it is also possible to connect to the central municipal system. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the apartment complexes which locate on the north side of the park is that no building blocks others.

National garden park

In order to garden, to improve the water supply and to secure the Tuul river basin, the park was established a few years ago. Now it enables city residents to spend their spare time in a pleasant area. There are also a mini botanic garden as well as sports courts where young people can play.

1. Football Field

2. Tennis Field

3. Basketball Court

4. Green bike rental 

5. Playground

6.Street Sports Field

7. Fountain of land

8. Pool /swimming boat/

9. Mongolian cricket area


As the number of apartment complex projects has been increasing in recent years, the population has also been rapidly increasing 26th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district. According to the National statistics office, the population of this khoroo was 5880 in 2012 while the number has increased by 151.2%, to 14476.

You may know that traffic congestion is increasing as population and centralization of this area rise. Especially the traffic by Bayanmongol apartment complex worsen most of the time. In case if you want to avoid the traffic, you may want to walk. The distance from here to the center of town is not very long. In addition, if you are interested in buying apartments around this area, it is highly recommended to get a spot in a heated garage for your car. It seems like this area lacks parking spot.

Average price

Most of the apartment complexes of this neighborhood fall into the business and middle-class projects. According to Tenkhleg Zuuch company, the average price for a square meter area of business class apartments is around 3.4 million tugrugs by the end of 2018. In case of middle-class apartments, the price is around 2.2 million tugrugs.

In regards to the district level, the average price of newly-built apartments of Bayanzurkh district were 2.08 million tugrugs per square meters by the end of 2018. 

Retail stores 

Big supermarkets including Home Plaza, Encanto-Orgil and Good Price locate near the National garden park. Moreover, Dunjingarav and Narantuul markets are not far from this neighborhood. Many new restaurants that locate in the new apartment complexes are opening their doors alongside of the Bayanmongol road. There you can also find chain restaurants and fast food chains including KFC, Pizza Hut and Little Sheep.

School and kindergartens

However, there is not any state-run schools and kindergartens in 26th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district yet. Officials say they are planning to build a school in this khoroo territory. There is a private school named Olonlog academy right across the road from the National garden park. Not far from this region, there are schools including Orchlon international school, International School of Ulaanbaatar near Marshall bridge. On the northeast side of this part of town, Shine Mongol school is in 13th khoroolol.

There are many private kindergartens in this neighborhood as well.











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