The Ultimate Guide to Bayanzurkh

June 3, 2019, 9:49 a.m.

Located on the east side of Ulaanbaatar, Bayanzurkh is the largest district in the capital city. This district has a total area of 124.4 thousand hectares of land, including Baga tenger, Bogino Khurkhree, Chuluut, Bumbat, Zalaat, Tur Khurakh and Khar Usan Tokhoi valleys with beautiful nature and wildlife, flowers, forests, waterfalls and medicinal plants. As the area grows, the Bayanzurkh district’s population is the biggest in the capital.

Looking back to history, Bayanzurkh was established in 1965 as the “Friendship District” with 10 khoroos. After 54 years, the district now has 28 khoroos. 

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A total of 343.6 thousand people live in the largest district of the capital city, with its beautiful hills, forests and plains along with stunning buildings, wide streets, roads, bridges and monuments. Population density is rising due to the rapid increase of residential buildings in the district. 

According to the Metropolitan Statistics Office, the number of people per square kilometer or population density is 379, 452 in 15th khoroo respectively, and 355 people in 25th khoroo, which shows it’s the densest populated zone. The above mentioned khoroos are located in 13th sub- district.

There are over 4700 business entities and organizations in the district, of which 151 are state entities, 420 are non-governmental organizations and 18 are liability companies and 3345 are limited liability companies. Also there are 49 state-owned enterprises and 13 local government-owned enterprises operating in this district the District Government Office said.

Economy and marketplaces 

In this densely populated area Mongolia’s biggest markets and shopping centers are located. It’s said that about 100,000 people visit the Narantuul Trade Center per day, which operates in the territory of 14th khoroo. Also, there are the Night Market and Dunjingarav shopping center and Sunday shopping center in this area. Uguumur and Da Khuree auto markets are also located in this district.

According to the Statistics Office of Ulaanbaatar City, there were 891 shopping centers in Bayanzurkh district by the end of 2018. It is estimated that a total of 13369 people work there.

According to the National Statistical Office, Bayanzurkh district has the largest number of registered entities comparing to other districts. There are 12534 enterprises registered in the business database located in Bayanzurkh district. In comparison, 10977 enterprises are actively operating in Sukhbaatar district, at the center of Ulaanbaatar city.

 Source: National Statistical Office of Mongolia


New apartment modules are being built one after another in Bayanzurkh district. According to the information from the Tenkhleg Zuuch company, at the end of 2018, the average cost of new apartment in Bayanzurkh district was 2.08 million MNT per meter square. In short, standard grade housings are common in Bayanzurkh district.

On the other hand, the Statistics Office of Ulaanbaatar City estimation proves that the number of construction projects in this district is intense. A total of 245 billion MNT worth projects were built in Bayanzurkh district last year. In 2017, this number was 415 billion MNT. Click HERE to check. Please click HERE to check the comparison statistics of Khan-Uul district construction cost of 311 billion MNT. 

According to the information provided by Tenkhleg Zuuch company, the Bayanzurkh district leads the number of new projects scheduled by 2018. There are 12358 housing units for sale in Bayanzurkh district, on the other hand, in Khan-Uul district this number is 11129.


As having the largest number of people in the capital, Bayanzurkh area is at a high-risk of contagious diseases. On the other hand, it’s also related to the National Center for Communicable Diseases being located in this district. According to statistical data from the Health Department of Ulaanbaatar City, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the Bayanzurkh district's infectious disease per 10,000 population was 43.1 percent, which is 3 percent higher than the capital city average.

There are 27 hospitals in this district who provide first-level medical assistance. Click HERE to learn more about the names and addresses of first level hospitals. Also, the Bayanzurkh District Medical Center is located in the district. In addition, the well-known National Center for Infectious Diseases and the Second State Hospitals are located in the area. The only Cancer Hospital in Mongolia is also in Bayanzurkh district. According to the Health Department of Ulaanbaatar city, there are around 250 private hospitals operating in this district.    

The number of private hospitals in Bayanzurkh district is as follows:


  • Dental clinic - 84
  • Women's hospital - 36
  • Therapeutic - 23
  • Traditional - 21
  • Neurology diagnosis and treatment - 10
  • Children's hospital  - 27
  • Beauty therapy- 19
  • Eye clinic - 6
  • Ear, nose and throat hospital - 6
  • Surgical diagnosis - 3
  • Clinical laboratory - 7
  • Ultrasound - 8 

Source: Health Department of Ulaanbaatar City.  

Schools and kindergartens 

Bayanzurkh district has the most secondary schools in the capital city. 54 schools are located in Bayanzurkh district, of which 28 are state-owned and 26 are private schools. In this district, the well-known schools such as Shine Mongol, Goethe and Olonlog are located. Please click HERE to find out about the enrollment information for public schools.

As for kindergartens, this district is relatively inaccessible. For example, According to the Ulaanbaatar City Competitiveness Report of 2019 made by the Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center shows that the number of kindergarten children per teacher in Bayanzurkh district is 44. This number is 38 in Khan-Uul district. Please click HERE, if you want to get more information from the Education Department of Ulaanbaatar city on the enrollment system.


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